Leading Learning – Summer Term 2019 – NEW PROGRAMME OFFER

20 November 2018

Leading Learning: Developing a high impact, evidence informed CPD approach

We know that the quality of teaching in the classroom has the biggest impact on student outcomes. To do this, at a time of scarce resources, we need to improve the quality of our CPD. The innovative programme provides a comprehensive overview of the most important research evidence in education, including the EEF Toolkit, so that school leaders can devise a high impact CPD programme (topics include metacognition, memory and mindset). The programme will support you with a range of evidence-based tools to help you to lead learning with success and to improve and evaluate your CPD programme.

Get ready to start September 2019 with a comprehensive high-impact CPD plan bespoke to your school’s needs.


Cost: £295


Programme Information

OFFER Leading Learning Flyer 2018 2019


Why take part in this programme?
·         To make evidence informed decisions about improving teaching and learning

·         To gain a range of tools to implement evidence-based CPD

·         To meet the DFE 2016 Teachers’ Professional Development Standards

Who should take part in this programme?

·         School Teaching and Learning Leaders and CPD Leads

·         CPD Leaders across TSAs and MATs

·         Secondary, Primary and Special School Leaders

·         Prospective FE, Senior Leaders

·         Specialist Leaders of Education



Day 1: 22nd May

Day 2: 19th June

Day 3: 3rd July

Follow Up Network Event: February 2020


Booking your Place

To book your place, please click here.


For further information and any booking enquiries, please email tammy.elward.derby@researchschool.org.uk

Posted on 20 November 2018
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