Funding Applications Open: IEE Innovation Evaluation Grants

4 June 2018

Innovation Evaluation Grants
The IEE Innovation Evaluation Grants are available to schools that are working closely with the Research Schools Network. They are awarded by the IEE to provide funding for pilot evaluations of innovations of teaching and learning approaches that support the Research Schools Network’s goal to improve the attainment of pupils by increasing the use of evidence-based practices.

Goals of the Innovation Evaluation Project

Teachers often try out innovations of teaching and learning practices with their pupils. Sometimes these are approaches that the teachers have developed themselves, either alone or in collaboration with colleagues in their school. Sometimes they are adaptations of approaches that have been proven to work elsewhere, which the teachers have altered to work with their particular pupils.

The overall goal of the Research Schools Network is to improve the attainment of pupils by increasing the use of evidence-based teaching and learning practices. The specific goals of this fund are to increase the evidence base by supporting evaluations of innovations of teaching and learning approaches, communicating the findings among the Research Schools Network, and encouraging applications for larger systematic evaluations of promising approaches. The evaluations will be pilot studies of innovations, not large-scale randomised controlled trials. Nonetheless, there should be a comparison of pupil achievement that will indicate whether or not the intervention has potential.

Funding round now open
The IEE are now accepting applications for the final round of Innovation Evaluation grants from schools that are involved with the Research Schools Network.

Deadline for applications: Friday 15 June 2018.

For more information and supporting documents, please check the IEE website.

Also, there are further examples on the Research Schools Network.

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