2018 – 2019 Offer of Programmes to the Opportunity Area

4 May 2018

Following on from recent Primary Strategy Group meetings, the Research School is offering the following programmes as options for the Opportunity Area work. The Primary and Secondary Strategy Groups will be consulting schools on what need there is to help identify which programmes should be commissioned next year.

The three options the Research School is posing is as follows with full programme details in the flyers below.

Effective Use and Evaluation of the Pupil Premium – a three-day programme with follow up support to develop, implement and review an evidence based high impact Pupil Premium strategy and framework.

OFFER Effective Use of the Pupil Premium 2018 2019

Metacognition – a three-day programme with follow up support. Metacognition and self-regulation is one of the most accessed strands of the EEF Teaching and Learning toolkit, but the majority of people are not yet clear exactly how this can be applied in classrooms to improve the outcomes of students. This programme will enable you to make confident decisions that will help your pupils become aware of their strengths and limitations and to select appropriate strategies when undertaking a task.

OFFER Metacognition 2018 2019

Leading Learning: Enhance teaching and learning with evidence based practice – a three-day programme with follow up support. This programme provides a comprehensive overview of the most important research evidence in education, including the EEF Toolkit, so that school leaders can devise a high impact CPD programme (topics include metacognition, memory and mindset). The programme will support you with a range of evidence-based tools to help you to lead learning with success and to improve and evaluate your CPD programme. Based on schools’ feedback, PSG is looking to obtain funding approval and get next year’s programmes commissioned in time for an early start in the autumn term. Please provide your views on the attached response form.

OFFER Leading Learning Flyer 2018 2019

All of the programmes are  evidenced-based in their content and ways of working having been developed in collaboration across Research Schools nationally. If you would like to express any interest in these programmes, please provide feedback to the Primary Strategy and Secondary Strategy groups as part of the Opportunity Area Work. If you are interested in these programmes independent of the Opportunity Area and have any further questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Tammy Elward

Director of the Derby Research School



Posted on 4 May 2018
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