Dylan Wiliam on Growth Mindset, Cognitive Load and the Role of Research in your Classroom

12 November 2017

dylan wiliam

TES podcasts for teachers are a great, quick resource for getting to know a bit more about key themes and topics.

In this episode Dylan Wiliam offers his thoughts on education research and its role in classrooms.

The podcast records a broad-ranging discussion on what impact educational research should have on an individual teacher’s classroom.
“I have often said, what is interesting is not what works in education, but under what circumstances does it work,” says Dylan Wiliam, emeritus professor of educational assessment at UCL Institute of Education.

He shares his thoughts on everything from how Carol Dweck’s mindset theory is having the right impact, despite being widely misinterpreted, to why every teacher should get up to speed with John Sweller’s theory of cognitive load.

You can listen for free by downloading the podcast from iTunes or listening directly on the website below.



Thanks to Samuel Ward Research School for sharing this link! A great find!



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