The Illuminate Project – Engaging in Disciplined Enquiry to Embed Evidence into Practice

11 November 2017

The Illuminate Project – Engaging in Disciplined Enquiry to Embed Evidence into Practice

Making good use of research has the potential to improve education provision. This programme aims to help teachers, coordinators, support staff and leaders in any education organisation who seek to make more effective use of research evidence. Its purpose is to assist in this by drawing on recent evidence about the process of engaging with research evidence and to signpost some of the resources available to help.

The EEF’s DIY Evaluation Guide will be used a foundation. The DIY Evaluation Guide is an accessible resource for teachers which introduces the key principles of educational evaluation and provides guidance on how to conduct small-scale evaluations in schools. The guide explains the importance of “Do It Yourself” evaluation. It outlines a range of options open to teachers who want to improve the way they evaluate new interventions or strategies and provides practical advice on designing and carrying out evaluations. We will also use explore case studies and examples from schools and colleges across the UK to further deepen our understanding.

EEF Diy Evaluation Tool

Alongside this, we will also sign post excellent sources of current research to ensure that reading has a secure evidence base. The programme will look to improve participants’ skills in constructing a research question and selecting and implementing their research instruments to match their question – key skills for conducting disciplined enquiry into their areas of research.

Participants will also get to network with other schools and learn from other experiences. At the end of the year, there will be a conference to all participants and colleagues at their schools. There will be many speakers, workshops and presentations of case studies. The hope is that schools will present their projects and findings to share their learning with the wider teaching community. We want this to be a showcase for the work Illuminate schools are doing.

For more information about how to get involved, please see the links below.

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Posted on 11 November 2017
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