What is ‘evidence-informed education’ and why are we loving it so much?

One of the best things about the Research Schools Network is the chance to hear from other schools and be inspired. […]

Posted on 26 September 2017
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Heads’ Breakfast Briefing – What’s next?

We really enjoyed hosting everyone yesterday and spreading the Research School Message. There is an exciting year ahead of us and it was great to be able to share the vision today. […]

Posted on 23 September 2017
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Evidence-based guidance for improving literacy

One of the challenges when trying to use research evidence to improve teaching practice in schools can be the amount of evidence to wade through, and its inaccessibility. With this in mind, guidance reports from the EEF do some of this heavy lifting for you. And a key part of the role of the Research Schools Network is to turn these guidance reports into training programmes that help schools use them in practice. […]

Posted on 22 September 2017
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Aiming high for quality CPD

The Research Schools Network aims to put the use of research evidence into the hands of schools and practitioners. One of the three main strands of its work is training, offering CPD that uses the best research evidence to challenged existing practice. […]

Posted on 22 September 2017
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Headteachers Breakfast Briefing – Friday 22nd September

Headteachers, join us for coffee and croissants as we share what Derby Research School at Wyndham Primary Academy is all about, and outline the plans for the year ahead. […]

Posted on 11 September 2017
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Training and CPD

Details of our training and CPD will be added here soon […]

Posted on 1 September 2017
Posted in: Training/CPD

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